What would happen to an individual when a form of social society ceases to exist and the new society has no place for him?
What happens to somebody, whose decades of work disappears from one day to the next, and therefore his own mission in life and his social value is questioned- and whose existence suddenly appears to be superfluous?
The director, Ki Bun, was inspired by the abandoned “Fahrerbereitschaft Grünau” (a ministerial Motor Pool complex in the GDR), situated in Berlin-Lichtenberg and addresses the topic using both fragmentary and atmospheric pictures and sounds projected onto three separate screens, which is utilized so the audience can create their own personal space for thoughts.
3 channel-Installation Dolby-Surround 5.0
2013- Winner-   Best Experimental Film of the Berlin Independent Film Festival
– 2nd prize at the Athens International Film & Video Festival
– Honorable Mention Love Unlimited Film Festival and Art Exhibition
– Award of Merit Lucerne International Film Festival